Tournament Terms and Conditions

Behavioral Guidelines

  1. Disrespect
    1. Disrespect of any form is strictly forbidden within our tournaments and community
    2. Disrespect includes teabagging, aggressive behavior, toxic messages, name calling, “gg ez”, etc.
      1. Note: Cataclysm Gaming Officials and Staff have the authority to deem offenses as disrespectful as seen fit. Their decision is final. Do not argue with them.
  2. Offensive Behavior
    1. No racism/sexism of any sorts will be tolerated even if it is not directed at a specific individual.
    2. Offensive behavior will be anything that is not directed at a specific individual, but is still unwelcome behavior in our community. Such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
  3. Strike System
    1. If we decide an offense is considered disrespectful or offensive, you will be issued a “strike”. After your team has accumulated three strikes your team will be removed from the tournament
      1. If a team claims that an opponent exhibited disrespectful or offensive behavior they will need evidence to support the claim.
        1. Unless a CG Official witnesses the event, the accusing team will have to provide a clip or screenshot of the incident. After the evidence is provided. CG Officials will review the evidence and decide if action is required.
        2. If no evidence is provided to support the claims, then the claim will be dropped and no strike will be issued.
      2. Your team captain will be alerted if your team has received a strike and for what reason.
      3. Disrespect to staff members will result in a strike, or immediate removal from the tournament depending on the severity of the offense.
    2. No matter what position your team is in, if you are removed after accumulating three strikes you will receive NO prize money.
    3. If a team is removed after receiving three strikes the opposing team receives an automatic win.


Each participant acknowledges and agrees that Ultimate Esport LLC has the right to photograph, record, publish, broadcast, stream, disseminate, telecast, transmit, air, distribute, or otherwise exploit, in any manner whatsoever and in any and all media whether now known or hereinafter invented, all or any part of the Tournament and any services provided by, or image, representation or voice communications of, a Participant or a Team howsoever arising in respect of or connected to the Tournament (including but not limited to the products of such services).